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Welcome to JC’s Ranch equine services Masterson Method certified LLC.

JC’s Ranch equine services Masterson Method certified LLC

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Masterson Method Certified Practitioner trained to work with the horse’s nervous system to release tension in key junctions of their body that most affect performance. Text 302-270-6251 to set up an appointment.

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About Us

Origin Story

James and Colleen have opened the doors to JC’s Ranch LLC!

Colleen and Jamie’s partnership is deeply rooted in their shared love of horses, and the serene aura that surrounds them when they receive the best loving care. Their bond extends beyond mere companionship, as they find solace in the presence of horses. They believe in the therapeutic power of the horse-human relationship. For them, spending time with horses isn’t just a hobby but a holistic approach to living a fulfilling and balanced life. Together, they foster a nurturing environment where the gentle spirit of horses intertwines with their passion for promoting overall wellness.

What is the Masterson Method?

The Masterson Method is an innovative form of bodywork that relaxes the horse’s body and relieves stress and pain in the muscles and connective tissue. It opens doors to improving health and performance while building trust with your horse. Working with the horse and not on the horse by watching for subtle changes in body language allows the horse to release tension in essential core muscles and in the muscles of key junctions of the body that affect movement and performance.

Meet colleen of equine integrated bodywork…

Colleen is not just your average equestrian enthusiast; she’s a passionate advocate for the well-being of horses. With years of experience growing up in a horse racing family, riding for the NCSU Equestrian Team, earning her BS in Animal Science, training horses, teaching, and spending every free minute riding, Colleen has honed her skills in understanding and caring for these animals. As a seasoned trainer and competitor in racing, and eventing, Colleen has witnessed the horses’ physical and emotional challenges. This has driven her to explore alternative healing methods of communication with her equine companions.

Enter the Masterson Method- a revolutionary approach to horse bodywork that goes beyond the physical to connect the horse’s soul. Colleen’s journey with the Masterson Method has been transformative, leading her to become a certified practitioner after rigorous training nationwide.

At JC’s Ranch, we believe in the power of the Masterson Method to heal and improve freedom of movement. Whether your horse is a racehorse needing extra care before his next big race, is traveling to Paris for the Olympics, seems a little stiff from a trail ride, or has unknown baggage, Colleen’s touch and expertise can make a world of difference.

With a deep understanding of anatomy, Colleen offers unparalleled care and insight into your horse’s well-being. As one of the only Certified Masterson Method Practitioners in Delaware, she’s dedicated to bringing this internationally recognized technique to her local community. Join Colleen on this journey of connection and healing with your horse. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of equine wellness through the Masterson Method.